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Date Added: May 23, 2012 12:42:55 AM
Author: Suneeta Abraham
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Tips for Content Writing are very important for writing the effective website contents. We all Know that Content is king and to write great Unique and Original website content , you need to have great content writing skills.

1. Write with the present tense as much as possible.
2. Make time for your research, because gathering information is the toughest part of writing.
3. The six most important questions to ask during your research phase are who, what, where, how, when, and why.
4. If you must use the same word in a document, try to use a synonym to temper the reader’s experience.
5. Adjectives are very powerful and help the reader to comprehend that which you are trying to express.
6. Remember that adverbs describe adjectives.
7. Remember that nouns are the stars of your sentences, so choose nouns that truly make sense.
8. Remember that your reader is a person, so write with a demeanor that will positively impact “this other person”.
9. It is always good to give hints about future content in a story or paper. This prepares the reader as he or she is progressing through your story or paper.
10. Use “spellcheck” to ensure you have not misspelled words.
11. Shorter sentences are always better than longer sentences.
12. Avoid dangling phrases.
13.  Never assume that your reader understands the covered content as much as you do.
14. If you don’t have a Table of Contents in your document, at least provide the reader with a clear sense of direction that the document will be taking.
15. Written English is not Conversational English. So, write with appropriate grammatical structure and diction.

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